Your company’s brand starts with the visual components of your marketing materials. The design of your logo, website, collateral, and print advertising are often the first elements of your brand that potential clients come into contact with. These elements can directly affect the perception of your business. As such, if your visual brand identity is outdated or poorly designed, your business has the potential to be perceived in a negative manner. High quality graphic design, however, has the ability to position your company as professional, sophisticated and stable.

When a marketer makes an investment in quality graphic design they will oftentimes concentrate on their logo, business cards, website and perhaps sales collateral and/or a brand catalog. It’s important to realize, however, that your brand encompasses every element of the business that touches potential customers. High quality design should also carry through social media postings, email marketing layouts, new website pages, and even blog postings and article content. When all of these elements are properly branded, and professionally designed, you’ll position your business as a sophisticated operation.

The use of appealing color alone in graphic design can elevate the quality of your identity. A professional graphic designer understands how to choose the right color pallet to best reflect your brand personality. The right colors can affect the likeability, approachability and sophistication of a brand. They should be featured prominently, on a consistent basis, across all mediums including your design, collateral, logo, email marketing templates, etc. 

Color also plays an important role in how your business gets recognized. Think about Coke red, John Deere green or UPS brown. Although these are global brands with exceptional awareness, with the right marketing plan, and consistent use of your colors across all marketing materials, your business can become recognizable by color alone. Making this a goal is a great step towards developing an effective visual branding strategy. 

Fonts are another key graphic element. Like color, good font usage can elevate or deflate the look and feel of marketing materials. These days high quality fonts are often available for free or for low cost. 

Sometimes the best graphic design layouts can be attributed to photography alone. The right photography gets attention, and that’s really the first goal of marketing. Graphic designers spend time working to match up the right imagery to the brand. Today’s vast array of affordable, high quality stock photography is making it much more accessible for small marketers to access good imagery. 

So how do you define good design? You’ll know it when you see it, but it comes down to properly balanced elements, effective use of white space, and the proper incorporation of the brand message. Furthermore, a design becomes unique and appealing when using interesting fonts, colors, and engaging photography. How do you achieve good design? A professional graphic designer that understands marketing, such as BT Marketing & Design, can help.